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Young Development Research & Consulting Co., Ltd (YDRC), registered at Ministry of Commerce and General Department of Taxation of Cambodia in May 2014; aims to become lead of collective technical assistant, providing best services in interdisciplinary development and business consulting across multi-development sectors not limit to Agriculture, environment, infrastructure, public health, finance, education, governance, livelihood, disaster and emergency assistance, etc. 

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The group looking a Consultant develop SNR Guidelines Cambodia. The consultant deliver output within 3 months (October-December 2022). The key deliverables this assignment are:

Develop plan elaborate methodology draft guideline accordance the desired objectives the assignment above-mentioned.Coordinate/consult among working group update progress regularly understand needs achieve intended outputs.Review policies legal frameworks that an enabling climate the SNR Guideline development implementation.

Conduct desk review field visit if required, learn from practices experienced extract existing similar guidelines SNR such Cambodia SNR standard indicators criteria (CSNR), Guidance Sustainable Natural Rubber CCCMC, Voluntary Guideline Mitigating Social-Environmental risks Vietnamese Outward Investors Agriculture Mekong Sub-regions so and practices the fields, national policies guidelines.

Facilitate meetings/consultative validation workshops across different relevant stakeholders ensure inputs the draft guidelines inclusive applicable.Respect deadlines established the agreed plan.Present draft guideline stakeholders.Finalize guideline.

The selected consultant/team work close collaboration under supervision GDR the group members develop SNR guidelines, facilitate meeting/discussion different stakeholders collect inputs the drafting. The draft version be presented broader stakeholders especially rubber producers the verification understanding the proposed guideline.​

Minimum Qualification

  • Work with team developing inception plan detailing timeframe, methodologies, field work and specific activities to be undertaken to conduct the assignment, management prior to the actual feasibility study.
  • Coordinate with the government stakeholders relevant team members to organize fields visits to all the farmer organization in target provinces.
  • Conduct desk review and analysis of the revolving saving/credit operations of all the farmer organization in the past three years.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis of the existing farmer organization, analysis of the overall findings
  • Research existing laws and regulations pertaining to the formalization or registration of rural credit operation and provide analysis and recommendations where farmer organization can be transformed to fit into this legal framework.
  • Conduct consultation workshop with stakeholders for final report dissemination
  • Draft a comprehensive feasibility report in Khmer and English.

How to Apply

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