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Consulting services for Soft Skill Development Training Module and Multimedia Materials Consultants

Country Cambodia
Period of Contract 2020-05-26 To 2021-06-26
Name of Client Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector Development Project (TVETSDP)
Address of Client TVETSDP, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Building # 3, Russian Federation Blvd, Toek Laak I, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Donors Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Contract Value 120000.00 USD
Name of associated organizations Lead Firm

TVETSDP is supporting the development of competency-based training modules on soft skills to be incorporated into curricula of technical certificates at levels 1-4 of the Cambodian Qualifications Framework [CQF]. This will be done in cooperation with sectoral Centres of Excellence [COE]1 and their respective Sector Skills Councils [SSC]. There are four priority sectors for these modules and the host Institutions for the COEs and SSCs – Manufacturing [National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia, Phnom Penh], Electrical [Preak Kossomak

Polytechnic Institute, Phnom Penh], Automotive [Battambang Institute of Technology] and Construction [Polytechnic Institute of Angkor, Siem Reap].

There are thus three specific and related objectives:

  • Development and design of soft skills training modules at all four CQF levels
  • Production of multi-media training materials for teaching these modules
  • Support to the Centres of Excellence to pilot the introduction of the modules It is essential to blend technology with traditional methods, problem solving tools and techniques through practical training.

Specifically, the consultancy will achieve the following outputs:

  • Identification and development of innovative competency based soft skills modules to be incorporated into curricula in the four priority sectors for CQF levels 1 – 4 in the following manner: It is expected that about 90 per cent of each module will be generic [i.e. the same across all sectors] and ten per cent will be specific to a priority sector
  • Development, production and supply of multi-media training material for teaching sector specific soft skills modules at CQF1-4 for manufacturing, electrical, auto-mechanics and construction. Each module will include the multimedia software, teacher’s guide and student guide.
  • Training of trainers of soft skills in introducing and using the modules in other public TVET institutions, especially Regional and Provincial Training Centres. These trainers will include two to four nominated teaching staff in each of the four COEs, as well as DGTVET staff in the Office of Soft Skills Development (OSSD) and the Department of Standards and Curriculum (DSC).
  • Support to the piloting of the soft skills modules by the COEs in selected public TVET institutions.

Specific method and approaches:

  • Soft skills development curriculum and multi-media materials design through consultation process and 37 key in-depth interview TVET staff and industrials, 8 consultation workshop/meeting and survey to 882 graduated trainees. The curriculum develops in both English and Khmer and converted into multi-media with self-learning system.
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