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Women’s Leadership Center Management Consultants

Country Cambodia
Period of Contract 2020-06-26 To 2021-08-26
Name of Client Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector Development Project (TVETSDP) ADB Loan No.3167-CAM
Address of Client TVETSDP, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Building # 3, Russian Federation Blvd, Toek Laak I, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Donors ADB, AFD and RGC
Contract Value 270000.00 USD
Name of associated organizations Lead Firm

TVETSDP includes the construction and operation of six combined Women’s Leadership Centres and female dormitories. These will be located on the campuses of public TVET institutions in six selected provinces.

The dormitories will enable access to at least 40 women per PTC. On the ground floor of the dormitory buildings, a women’s leadership centre (WLC) will be set up, where the career mentorship program will be conducted, with monthly program features such as learning events related to entrepreneurship and financial literacy, health and hygiene, and information sessions about specific career tracks and job opportunities and other extracurricular activities. The Project will make provision for dormitory furniture, as well as a computer lab, multimedia learning materials addressing soft skills (i.e. communication, critical thinking, etc.), and books for career mentorship program. The WLC will include delivery of the career mentorship and other self-development program. The objective of the career mentorship program is to engage women to learn about emerging career opportunities and entrepreneurial routes into non-traditional trades (i.e. auto mechanics, air conditioner repair, etc.).

The consultancy aims to:

  1. Develop and implement career mentorship program in each of the women’s centres to engage women to learn about emerging career opportunities, entrepreneurial routes into non-traditional trades (i.e. auto mechanics, air conditioner repair, electrical work, construction, etc.), and other extra-curricular learning activities
  2. Manage each of the WL centres, attached dormitories and provide library and reference services
  3. Coordinate the provision of services by the host TVET institution. The host TVET institution will provide and pay for cleaning of the centre and dormitory, and provide and pay for 24-hour security guarding of the centre and dormitory
  4. Provide for sustainable provision of WLC services by developing the capacity of PTC Directors and designated staff during the course of the contract to manage the centres after the conclusion of the contract and continue the monthly career mentorship programs
  5. Conduct an impact study to understand the extent to which the women’s dormitories, inclusive of career mentorship program, support retention of female students in TVET programs

Specific method and approaches:

  • The WLC is on job training, and technical assistant to the TVET center under Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. It involved by female TVET trainees who come to stay in women dormitory in three provinces – Siem Reap, Banteay Meanchey, and Koh Kong Provinces. It is participatory learning based- approach – for 120 staff in three provinces include Phnom Penh, around 350 women trainees.
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