Building Positive Change, together


Project Management Services                                                                   .

Project Management Services can either involve the project’s: 

  • Initiation Phase, whereby the project objectives or need is identified; an appropriate response to the need is documented with recommended solution options in a concept note; a feasibility study is conducted to investigate whether each option addresses the project objectives, and a final recommended solution is determined;
  • Planning Phase, including the design of logical frameworks (LF); the development of guidelines and standards of operation; capacity building and development of training manuals; and project budgeting;
  • Implementation Phase and Technical Assistance (TA), whereby YDRC provides both national and international experts who are held responsible for the project’s execution with inputs and expertise from different disciplines (see next Chapter on Strength and Capabilities of Experts for more details).


Monitoring & Evaluation Services                                                          .

Monitoring & Evaluation Services include:

  • Design of M&E systems, frameworks, methods, tools, databases and reporting;
  • Data quality audit (DQA);
  • Qualitative & quantitative data management of large-scale surveys;
  • Execution of baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end-line surveys and final evaluations.


Social Research & Impact Assessment Services                                     .  

Social Research & Impact Assessment Services encompass the following:

  • Social and economic surveys (small- as well as large-scale);
  • Impact evaluation of multi-sectors, countrywide;
  • Social impact assessment to support evidence for project investment;
  • Environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) for developing a resettlement action plan (RAP) and environmental social management framework (ESMF);
  • Gender conceptualization and mainstreaming into development planning;
  • Review of policies and strategic plans both at the regional, country and organisational level.


Market Research & Business Consulting Services                                  .                                     

Market Research & Business Consulting Services include:

  • Market research and analysis;
  • Provision of market data for business strategic development;
  • Marketing planning, sales planning and research on customer behavior towards client’s product or services;
  • Business consulting.


Knowledge Management & Social Marketing Services                          .

Knowledge Management & Social Marketing Services consist of:

  • Providing a package of knowledge management services through multi-media channels, both traditional and digital ones;
  • Designing social marketing strategies, methods and tools, such as design of behavior change communication (BCC) and information education communication (IEC).      


Capacity Building Services                                                                        .           

With our Capacity Building Services we provide a range of services to support our clients and/or their target group in building capacity through training facilitation and the development of training material.