Business Ad Tracking

We provide a periodic or continuous in-market research to monitor a brand's performance in the society. It is a useful services that business companies must to do for learning how to improve their business brand position.  


Business Advertising Research

We provide business research service on advertisement  to predict copy testing or track the efficacy of advertisements. Several companies spend much money for their business advertisement, but their business brand still at the lower position. The research on business advertisement will help those companies to solve that problem for spend less then before and more effectively.


Business Brand awareness research

Our market research provide services on business branding research to what extent to which consumers can recall or recognize a brand name. The companies must to build their business with branding and must to know how their target potential customers know his/her business brand. 


Business Brand association research

 Our services to help our client to do research on business branding association for what do consumers associate with the brand? It is important to introduce business brand to customers


Business Brand attribute research

 The service on business branding is important for every business organization. Business owners and manager must to know what are the key traits that describe the brand promise? 


Business Brand name testing

Business branding is essential for every product or services, so business owner must do research on what do consumers feel about the names of the products? The result of research will help to improve trust on business brand. 


Other business and market research services

- Buyer decision making process— to determine what motivates people to buy and what decision-making process they use

- Commercial eye tracking research — examine advertisements, package designs, websites, etc. by analyzing visual behavior of the consumer

- Concept testing – to test the acceptance of a concept by target consumers

- Trendspotting – to make observations and predictions in changes of new or existing cultural trends in areas such as fashion, music, films, television, youth culture and lifestyle

- Copy testing – predicts in-market performance of an ad before it airs by analyzing audience levels of attention, brand linkage, motivation, entertainment, and communication, 

- Customer satisfaction research – quantitative or qualitative studies that yields an understanding of a customer's satisfaction with a transaction

- Demand estimation — to determine the approximate level of demand for the product

- Distribution channel audits — to assess distributors’ and retailers’ attitudes toward a product, brand, or company

- Internet strategic intelligence — searching for customer opinions in the Internet: chats, forums, web pages, blogs... where people express freely about their experiences with products, becoming strong opinion formers.

- Marketing effectiveness and analytics — Building models and measuring results to determine the effectiveness of individual marketing activities.

- Mystery consumer or mystery shopping – An employee or representative of the market research firm anonymously contacts a salesperson and indicates he or she is shopping for a product. The shopper then records the entire experience. This method is often used for quality control or for researching competitors' products.

- Positioning research — how does the target market see the brand relative to competitors? – what does the brand stand for?

- Price elasticity testing — to determine how sensitive customers are to price changes

- Sales forecasting — to determine the expected level of sales given the level of demand. With respect to other factors like Advertising expenditure, sales promotion etc.

- Segmentation research – to determine the demographic, psychographic, cultural, and behavioral characteristics of potential buyers

- Online panel – a group of individual who accepted to respond to marketing research online

- Store audit — to measure the sales of a product or product line at a statistically selected store sample in order to determine market share, 

- Test marketing — a small-scale product launch used to determine the likely acceptance of the product when it is introduced into a wider market

- Viral Marketing Research –marketing research designed to estimate the probability that specific communications will be transmitted throughout an individual's Social Network.


 We  are carefully define your business problem through participatory  approaches, the design market research and/or business consulting  services to meet the objectives for business solution. We help our  client to use market research finding to be option for business solution  and decision making for improve business  

Could you please contact us for pre consultation on your business concern or your business problem. 

We are friendly offer your a NON-pay consultation for ensure that we understand your concern/problem before we offer you a solution. 

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