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Identification of New Engines of Economic Growth and Key Bottlenecks after Covid-19 Pandemic in Cambodia

Country Cambodia
Period of Contract 2022-07-26 To 2023-03-26
Name of Client Department of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy (DMFP) of Ministry of Economy and Finance
Address of Client Office of SDF Pilot Project, 2nd Floor, Raintree Building, #299, Preah Ang Duong Street (110), Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Donors Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Contract Value 150000.00 USD
Name of associated organizations N/A

The Skills for Competitiveness (S4C) is a five-year project financed by Asian Development Bank, Agence Française de Développement, and the Royal Government of Cambodia. The objective of the project is to develop human resources in higher value-added industries by (i) strengthening selected public post-secondary technical training institutes in priority sectors and locations; (ii) promoting work-based learning programs to upskill the current workforce; and (iii) supporting the government's Skills Development Fund (SDF). The S4C project, under the third output, provides support to expand the SDF Pilot Project which has been implemented by Department of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy (DMFP) at Ministry of Economy and Finance since 2018. This output provides skills training opportunities for labor force, strengthens the capacity of the DMFP, and supports the establishment of a new SDF agency by producing key policy study and knowledge products that include a long-term skills development road map. The DMFP under Output 3 of the S4C Project is going to recruit a consulting firm to conduct a study on “Identification of New Engines of Economic Growth and Key Bottlenecks after the Covid-19 Pandemic in Cambodia”. This assignment is expected to determine key economic sectors and sub-sectors that will become the new engines of economic growth, and analyses the drivers and skills gap of future growth potentials in Cambodia. It shall develop short, medium and long-term policy implications for industrial and economic development and should be linked to the Cambodia IDP 2015-2025.

Description of services:

The goal of this assignment is to develop short-, medium- and long-term strategies to boost

the economic growth after Covid-19 pandemic and to support the Cambodia IDP 2015-2025.

New key promising economic sectors and sub-sectors that will be the new engines of economic

growth and their driving forces shall be identified. The specific objectives are:

i) To identify new promising sectors and sub-sectors for short-, medium-, and long-term

strategies of robust and sustainable economic growth,

ii) To analyze key bottlenecks (skills gap, technology, structural issues, etc.) of those

sectors and sub-sectors,

iii) To develop policy recommendations to address the key bottlenecks.

Specific method and approaches:

The recruited consulting firm is under the direct supervision of and report to the Project

Implementation Unit (PIU) of the Output 3 of the Skills for Competitiveness Project (S4C).

Report Preparation:

(i) Prepare inception report which indicates sampling methods, questionnaire, research

team and detail work plan,

(ii) Prepare progress report on data collection activities,

(iii) Present preliminary findings,

(iv) Revise and finalize the report with the attachment of cleaned datasets.

The number of copies of the report:

(i) Hard copies: 5 copies of the final report,

(ii) Soft copies: 5 pieces of CD ROM which include a final report and cleaned datasets.

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