Our Services




Provide both large and small scale of social and economic surveys, market research to support business development and estimate demand of products and services. The firm also provide research and planning on provincial, district, and commune land use and ecosystem service

Planning and Management


Provide planning such as project concept formulation, Investment framework design, financing and budget planning, resource mobilization and procurement. The firm provides management services such technical assistance, quality control and supervision, M&E, design of knowledge management




The firm provide services for M&E systems design, frameworks, M&E methods, tools, project management information system (MIS), and databases. The firm has several experts for execution of baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end-line surveys and final evaluations/impact evaluation

Social Research

Social and economic surveys 

  • Gender conceptualization and mainstreaming into development planning; 
  • Review of policies and strategic plans at the regional, country and organizational levels.

Environmental research

  • Environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) for developing resettlement action plans (RAP) and environmental social management framework (ESMF); 
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (cumulative);

Market Research

  • Marketing planning, sales planning and research on customer behavior regarding products or services; 
  • Provision of market data for business development; 
  • Marketing planning, sales planning and research on customer behavior regarding product or services; 
  • Data collection for supporting business development 
  • Identifying products and services to meet the needs of customers and consumers 
  • Size and demand estimation for products and services
  • Context study of specific products/services 
  • Customers satisfaction and feedback surveys 
  • Sale and distribution channel identification 
  • Marketing tool assessments 
  • Direct market promoting, research on introducing new products to customer 

Development planning

Project concept formulation 

  • identifying project concepts for determining potential benefits and income
  • feasibility study for estimation of benefits 
  • evaluation of the technology review in light of the results of the evaluation of demand and benefits;
  • sustainability, social, and environmental impact studies, social safeguard and resettlement 
  • estimation of costs and income analysis 
  • identify the key factors that will influence the eventual success of the project investment 
  • determine the risk that these factors may differ from those foreseen in the project design

Project Investment framework design 

  • design of logical frameworks/design monitoring framework; 
  • develop guidelines and standards of operation; 
  • develop capacity building and writing of training manuals; 
  • develop project monitoring and evaluation, management information systems. 

Financing analysis and budget planning 

  • project costing and income calculation 
  • financing needs can be considered, both for investments and for the working capital needed for operations. 

Project resource mobilization and procurement 

  • mapping resources for project implantation, negotiations with financing sources
  • mobilizing human resources for project implementation, design terms of reference for projects executive expert. 
  • procuring project suppliers both products and services
  • develop operation plan and tasks scheduling, supervision of construction and other activities 

Spatial Planning, land use, ecosystem service

  • Provincial Spatial Planning – setting up provincial land stakeholders engagement, situation analysis, envisioning future, land use planning and monitoring and evaluation, public display and coordination. 
  • District Spatial Planning - Land use management, geographical information systems and mapping.
  • Commune Land Use Planning – situation analysis, future land use. 

Management Consulting

  • Project implementation technical assistance –national and international experts for project technical inputs 
  • Project management supervision - we provide effective project implementing project and supervision the progress of the project
  • Project quality control and supervision 
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation services for cycle of project management
  • Design of M&E systems and frameworks, 
  • M&E methods and tools, 
  • Management Information System, and databases Providing a package of knowledge management services through multi-media channels 
  • Design of social marketing strategies, methods and tools, behavior change communication (BCC) and information education communication (IEC)

Independent Evaluation

  • Execution of baseline surveys, 
  • Mid-term evaluations, 
  • End-line surveys
  • Final evaluations
  • Impact evaluation
  • Social assessment